Sunday 10 April 2011

Report- Visit of Expert Teacher to CGC, DLN

By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari

One of our expert teacher Janab Mumtaz Sb. from Mughal Sarai visited our CGC at Dildar Nagar today and took classes for Physics and Chemistry. He is an expert teacher for both Physics and Chemistry and he holds the degree of Master of Science in both of the languages. He is running his own coaching center for competitive exams like IIT, Medical and Engineering in Mughal Sarai for the last more than 16 years.

I spoke to him today and his feedback about our students at CGC is positive and encouraging. He said there are 5-6 students who actually impressed him and they are brilliant. His class was very interactive where he asked many questions during his class to evaluate the strength of students. Most of the students participated in discussion. His overall observation is that if these students given the proper guidance then some among them will surely crack the entrance exam. Another good thing about this expert teacher is that both mediums i.e. Hindi and English students are satisfied with the teaching and he has used both language's terminologies during his class. Earlier students from English medium schools were little discouraged with the Hindi medium teachers as they were facing difficulty in understanding the topic.

I also spoke to Tufail Bhai about the feedback from students. Students are 100% satisfied with our expert teacher. Students have been given assignment which will be reviewed in next session. Based on their response our final strategy will be set for the entire month. Now we are very much sure about the preparation of Physics and Chemistry as Mumtaz Sb. has taken the responsibility to complete it in given course of time. Our local teachers will also support him time to time. He will also distribute notes, questions papers among students which is already ready with him. We are also expecting our expert teacher for Mathematics from Mughal Sarai to join CGC this week. Our plan is to have at least one expert teacher at CGC everyday.

Crisis of Expert Teachers in Kamsar and Nearby Area:

Getting expert teachers for CGC in Dildar Nagar is one of the biggest challenging job we have encountered in last couple of month while running the CGC but by the grace of Allah SWT we have managed to convince some of the experts for our CGC otherwise it’s a big crisis of expert teachers in Kamsar. There are few expert teachers available from our community but they are also not interested in coming to Dildar Nagar as they are getting good payment in cities like Mughal Sarai and Varansi. At the same time we have teachers like Mumtaz Sb., Afzal Khan Sb. etc. who give more preference to community work then their personal benefit. In spite of having all the challenges inside and outside we are moving ahead and by the grace of Allah SWT we will succeed insha’allah.

Currently we have around 27 students from both Hindi and English medium schools who are preparing for university test preparation for AMU, BHU and Jamia under our CGC. We are aware that their 10th class board exam is already over. I spoke to some of the students on phone last week about their performance in board exam. As per their feedback some of the students are expecting very good marks in board exam. Some of them may cross more than 75% marks in this exam. They said our CGC has really helped them a lot and they were very confident during the exam. Overall students have done good in their board exam and we can expert good result this year insha’allah.

Let us we all pray together to Allah SWT for the success of our students as well as CGC. This one month training is very crucial for all of us and if managed properly then I am sure we can expect a much better result. We always seek the support and encouragement from our group members. Your active participation in forum’s educational activities will be highly appreciated.


Unknown said...

Indeed a Positive sign and a great Development. The efforts of the members will InshaAllah deliever the Fruit. I wish all the best to everyone

Unknown said...

Over all it looks satisfatary. It is a sign of positive development. Insha Allah will achieve our goal in all respect.

Anonymous said...

Looks very good and encouraging. May Allah make us successful in our right cause of social upliftment in sadqa of his beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa sallah-o-alaihi-wasallam.

Mohammad Tauqeer Khan

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