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KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM is a nationwide, non-profit organization, based in Dildar Nagar, Distt. Ghazipur, formed on 4th May 2010 by a group of elite, like-minded and socially conscious professionals and academicians from all parts of the world.

Our mission is to promote and catalyses mainstream global education among underprivileged but brilliant students in a sustained manner, in order to facilitate them to emerge as conscientious and responsible citizens, dynamically involved in the process of nation development.

Monday 14 October 2013

Join KBF as a Volunteer Today

In this era of knowledge and growth, Muslims cannot afford to lag behind. Sadly, though this is true that Muslims as a whole are the most backward community today.

Kamsar-O-Bar Forum seeks to overcome these and many more challenges within the Muslim Community. It provides a platform for Muslims specially from Kamsar all over the world to come together to converse and draw plans based on their experience, intellect and knowledge with the aim to facilitate Muslim Empowerment in all possible fields.

KBF strongly believes that the commitment of their members and supporters are the most critical in achieving the Vision and Mission of the organization.

Anyone who is willing to join KBF as Volunteer should:
•Be interested in serving the community and the society at large
•Be secular and without any prejudice to any community or belief
•Be ready to invest few hours every week on field / online depending upon the project
•Be willing to serve others without any expectations, monetary or otherwise
•Abide by all the Rules & Regulations and the Code of Conduct laid by KBF

If you are interested, kindly fill the below form and submit. You will receive a call from KBF office and work shall be assigned to you based on your area of interest, in sha allah. Let’s work together to empower the community.

Click on below URL to fill the form:

Saturday 28 September 2013

KBF announces its 2nd Governing Council and Office Bearers

Kamsar-O-Bar Forum, a non profit welfare organization announces the formation of its Governing Council and election of its new office bearers for the 2nd term. The present term of three years of the current Governing Council came to an end on 31st of March 2013.

KBF Governing Council is the highest executive body of KBF looking after all the Policy decisions of KBF. The new 11-members Governing Council with 2 Special invitees to GC has been formulated for a period of 3 years from April 2013 to March 2016. It has a composition of professionals from various walks of life who are very strong and influential with their network spread across the world. With its new strong GC team in place KBF now looks forward to focus on its expansion drive and take up its various projects even more aggressively and spreads its presence across every village of Kamsar and city in the country.

The new GC elected its new office bearers as well who are elected from among the GC members. The GC elected Mr. Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari, Usia as the President of the organization with full majority and Mr. Mohammad Afroz Khan, Rakasaha being elected its General Secretary. The President in consultation with elected GC members has appointed Mr. Nasim Khan, Kurrah as the Vice President and Mr. Mohammad Waseem Khan, Gorasara as the Finance Secretary of the organization. 

Speaking on this Mr. Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari said, “It is matter of great honour that the Governing Council has placed its firm faith on my abilities and approved of my leadership. More than a matter of pride it is a great responsibility on me. Having been elected as the President of KBF has put even bigger responsibilities on my shoulders which I need to take care of and live up to the expectations of not just my organization but the entire community. With a team of such strong and influential people in the GC we hope that their rich experience and network across the country will help KBF to grow exponentially.

The List of Governing Council Members is as follows: 

1. Mr. Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari [Usia], Sr. SAP DS Consultant, Bangalore [President]

2. Mr. Naseem Khan [Kurrah], Development Manager, Saudi Arabia [Vice President]
3. Mr. Mohammad Afroz Khan [Rakasaha], Senior Project Executive, Dubai [Gen. Secretary]
4. Mr. Parvez Ahmed Khan [Kurrah], Subject Matter Expert (SME), Qatar
5. Mr. Badrul Haque Khan [Gorasara], Head, Training and Development, Punjab
6. Mr. Mohammad Sharfuddin Khan [Bara], Owner, United Cargo Agency, Delhi
7. Mr. Mohammad Tauqeer Khan [Mircha], Senior Test Manager [IBM], Kolkata
8. Mr. Fahad Alam [Gorakhpur], Telecom Engineer, Kuwait
9. Mr. Mahmood Alam [Rakasaha], Manager-Valves & Instrumentation, Saudi Arabia  

Special Invitees to Governing Council:

1. Mr. Akhlaq Khan [Khajuri], Head of Risk and Compliance, Commercial Bank Investment Services, Qatar
2. Mr. Jawed Arif Khan [Usia], Owner, DIREKTSHOP INC., USA

Wednesday 6 March 2013

February Month KBF Report

We  would like to share the monthly report of our CGC for the month of February 2013. In total 36 classes have been conducted at CGC this month. Below it the list of exact no. of classes conducted for each subjects for the current month.

Mathematics: 10
Physics: 5
Chemistry: 8
English: 7
Biology: 3
Hindi: 3

Total Classes conducted: 36

By weekly Tests:
We have also conducted one tests for all subjects and its result will be posted on website soon.

Parents Meeting:
We also had a Parents meeting last month where we had called specially those parents whose children are performing average. We have been told during the meeting that since most the parents are uneducated they hardly know what exactly their children are doing but it is for sure that their children have improved lot and they are studying on regular basis. In a way this is encouraging but we also feel that at some point of time there is a need to mentor parents as well, no matter what educational background they are coming from. Proper guidance and mentorship for both parents and children is need of the hour.

Our Observation:
Various tests conducted at center seems to be helpful in inculcating confidence among our students. Adarsh school has been given the center to SKBM for board exam. Insha'Allah, our students will perform better this year as well and come up with a flying colour. Most of the students have filled the form for AMU entrance as well as UP Polytechnic which exams are scheduled in the May 2013.

PS: CGC has been closed for a month as board exam is approaching. CGC will resume soon from April 2013 and one month crash course for AMU Entrance and Polytechnic exam will be provided to our enrolled students as well as other interested students free of cost, insha'allah. 

Thursday 7 February 2013

CGC Test Result - January 2013

Below is the CGC Result of Kamsar-O-Bar Forum which has been conducted in last two months.

Click on the above image to enlarge it.

Toppers List - Total Marks obtained in all 9 tests:

1. Mohd. Ekram Khan - 442 Marks
2. Ashfaque khan - 427 Marks
3. Afsar Ali Ansari - 426 Marks

Students are performing well, We will be conducting two more such tests in the month of February.

Team KBF

Free coaching for AMU 10+2 Entrance Exam & UP Polytechnic Exam preparation

Free coaching for AMU 10+2 Entrance Exam & UP Polytechnic Exam preparation in Dildar Nagar

KBF is going to start one month crash course free of cost starting from 1st April 2013 in Dildar Nagar for the preparation of AMU Entrance exam - 10+2 (Science & Diploma in Engg), BHU 10+2 Entrance Exam and UP Polytechnic Exam. Those who are interested can contact us immediately as seats are limited. Seats will be allotted on first come first serve basis. 

AMU Entrance for 10+2 is scheduled on 12th May 2013. UP Polytechnic Exam is scheduled on 5th May 2013. Those who are in 10th class or even 10th pass out can fill the forms for these exams. The last date of filling up the UP Polytechnic form is 15th February 2013 and AMU Admission form is yet to come. 

Please note that in order to join this crash course you will need to produce either AMU acknowledgement card, BHU, or Polytechnic acknowledgement card as a proof of your appearance in any of these entrance exams. The course is completely free. Experts from Varansi, Mughal Sarai and Ghazipur will be taking the classes. 
Even English medium students can join this crash course. For more information please feel free to contact me. 

Team KBF

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