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KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM is a nationwide, non-profit organization, based in Dildar Nagar, Distt. Ghazipur, formed on 4th May 2010 by a group of elite, like-minded and socially conscious professionals and academicians from all parts of the world.

Our mission is to promote and catalyses mainstream global education among underprivileged but brilliant students in a sustained manner, in order to facilitate them to emerge as conscientious and responsible citizens, dynamically involved in the process of nation development.

Saturday 14 May 2011

KBF Account closure -Session 2010-2011

By Jawed Akhter Khan

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

First of all I pay my sincere gratitude to almighty ALLAH for granting a proud successful completion of our first session. I congratulate the entire team of KBF for investing their precious time, money and efforts for this tremendous achievement. This victory was not easy as we all know that we have faced many hurdles on ground while executing this project. But ultimately we have achieved a successful end, Alhamdulillah.

I am pleased to share the last financial report for this session 2010-2011 upon closure of the first session on 05th May 2011. The attached financial statement contains all the expenses and profit we received over the last one year while running our career and coaching guidance cell at Dildar Nagar. We have provided the maximum details in attached report in order to make it clearer and transparent but still if any of the registered members have a query, please feel free to revert back.

I am thankful to all those who have contributed to forum in form of moral support, money, time, and valued suggestion and unending support. We may not have successfully completed this project without your generous contribution. No matter how much, whether small or big was the contribution but it really matters to us and we sincerely applaud everyone’s efforts.

It will be unjust if, we did not pay our sincere and special thanks to Khalid Ameer sb for his marvelous and candid support to this movement of education throughout the year. In spite of his busy schedule, he extended his consistent guidance to the academic staff, which create an atmosphere of excellence in education and awareness. It will be unfair, If we did not acknowledge the efforts of Mumtaz Ansari sb , who in spite of his very busy schedule, he shown his courage and extra ordinary dedication towards community upliftment by teaching our students for the university preparation for a complete month . They have not only taken the classes at CGC free of cost but also dedicated their time and efforts in encouraging the students time to time. May Allah reward them for these genuine efforts.

Also, I would like to pay my special thanks to all chair holders for their sincere efforts in making the entire program a success. They were the one who were engaged in day to day activity in execution of the CGC. I feel fortunate to have a connoisseur guidance and consistent suggestion from respected Professor Dr. Sheikh shafiullah sb ( Ex-Chairman Dept of chemistry, AMU –Aligarh ) , Jb. Badrul Haq Khan Sb , a man who have a huge experience of social services and a known social worker. We are indebted to the suggestion and moral support received from Jb. Mohd Mukhtar Ansari Sb(Interlocutor J& K ) and Jb. Mohd Wajir Ansari sb ( ADG –Police) and also thankful to all other members who have contributed to forum directly or indirectly.

I would like to bring into your kind attention that some of our dedicated members have not only contributed by giving the membership fees but they have gone a step ahead and put some extra hard earned money in forum as and when required which has not been recorded in this statement as these gentlemen have asked us not to mention. We are highly indebted for such a generous contribution.

You know that money contributed in form of membership fees is annual and members need to renew their membership every year in forum. All members shall be notified on the expiry of their membership based on the date they have joined the forum.

Thanks & Regards,
Jawed Akhtar Khan (Vill-Ramwal)
Dammam – Saudi Arabia

Monday 9 May 2011

AMU X+II examination conducted

By Dr. Ehtsham Hussain Khan

Seencha hai Isey Humney Apney Khooney Jigar Sey...
Tab Jaakey is Rang Kaa Maikhaana Banaa Hai...
(Sir Syed Alehe rahmaah )

We were extremely distressed and genuinely concerned over the worsening situation of AMU affairs. AMU OLD boys all over world have expressed their resentment & strongest condemnation to all concerned authorities who tried to settle their personal vengeance, rivalry & whims using a very small factions of disgruntled elements. Allahmdollailh, University conducted the X+II entrance test examination successfully today at various centers in India as scheduled.

Indeed, there was a hidden excitement all over the day as our CGC Students appeared in the AMU entrance test today. Most the students have chosen the center as Patna where as one of the student got AMU as a center. I took the feedback regarding the trend of exam paper, students and teaching staff told me that Physics question paper was difficult as usual. Other subject like Biology and Chemistry was acceptable but GK was also difficult. I do not know what will be the result of our students as they are the external students. Some of the professors at AMU briefed me that external student has done very well, those who did High school from Delhi Public school, Our lady of fatima and others reputed convent school.

Now time has come to make a dua for our students' success as this will be the success of KBF and its members. I again have a high hope from Allah swt that our students will be selected for X+II.

Saturday 7 May 2011

Successful Closure of CGC First Session

A Successful Closure of CGC-Session 2010-2011

By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari

It is a matter of great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that we have successfully completed the first batch at CGC, Dildar Nagar yesterday on 5th May 2011. We all know that KBF was launched on 4th May 2010 wherein we have initiated our first program in form of career and coaching guidance cell at Dildar Nagar on 20th November 2010. This program was first of its kind in history of Kamsar where people from diverse background gathered under a single roof just for the community empowerment.

Our major achievements: (04th May 2010 – 05th May 2011)

1. We have successfully run this forum for one full year and first program i.e. CGC for almost 6 months without any lagging in our activities. The first admission test for CGC was conducted on 7th November 2010 at SKBM Inter College followed by another two admission tests at two major schools of Kamsar i.e. SKBM and Bara Inter College on 14th Nov. 2011. Total 198 students of X class (Science Stream) had participated in the admission test against 30 seats available at CGC. CGC was inaugurated on 18th Nov. 2010. We had students enrolled at CGC from around 15 villages of Kamsar from both Hindi and English medium.

2. There were around 12 teachers at CGC which includes 4 expert teachers who conducted the classes at CGC on regular basis. On average there was 50-60 classes taken at CGC every month. In this short period we have not only completed the entire course for 10th Class but also successfully completed the syllabus of AMU, BHU and Jamia’s Entrance exam.

3. We have spent around Rs. 1, 50,000 in successfully completing the first session on 5th May 2011 wherein 65% of the expenses went in the payment of our teachers and rest was used in building the resources at CGC. We have more than Rs. 50,000 left in hands from the collection we did for the first session.

4. We have built all the necessary equipments which are used in daily functioning of the CGC. These resources include Library, Computer, Printer, Scanner, Internet, Tables and Chairs, Inverter and Fans etc. We have registered official website for forum.

5. We have conducted parents meeting, students meeting and teachers meeting at regular intervals at CGC and motivated our students and teachers time to time as our core member’s visited Kamsar. We have continuously coordinated with teachers and staffs in order to complete the course materials.

6. Today we have around 300 people from Kamsar who are connected with us and are part of our Google Forum. These members are settled in different parts of the world. Majority of them are NRIs and are from different background, highly educated and well settled in their life.

7. We have one permanent paid staff at CGC to look after day to day activities at CGC. Also, we have a project manager as well as local coordinator for CGC. We have continuously monitored the progress at CGC even being outside Kamsar.

There is no doubt this was one of the toughest task to handle this project remotely as the core committee is not in Kamsar. But by the grace of Allah SWT we have managed it successfully in spite of many challenges we faced on ground. It was the continuous dedicated support of our core members on ground that made all this happen and ease the execution.

So these are the major milestones we have achieved in this short span of time. Students are appearing in various entrance tests starting from 8th May 2011. We are expecting a better result in their Board exam as well as entrance tests. Let’s we all pray for their success. We have provided them best available resources. Insha’Allah we will get a satisfactory result.

We are thankful to all our volunteers, core members, staffs and dedicated chair holders. We are hoping the same kind of support from our members in our future projects too. We will soon start planning for the next session which is likely to start in August 2011 and other activities under KBF. Insha’Allah.

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