Monday 9 May 2011

AMU X+II examination conducted

By Dr. Ehtsham Hussain Khan

Seencha hai Isey Humney Apney Khooney Jigar Sey...
Tab Jaakey is Rang Kaa Maikhaana Banaa Hai...
(Sir Syed Alehe rahmaah )

We were extremely distressed and genuinely concerned over the worsening situation of AMU affairs. AMU OLD boys all over world have expressed their resentment & strongest condemnation to all concerned authorities who tried to settle their personal vengeance, rivalry & whims using a very small factions of disgruntled elements. Allahmdollailh, University conducted the X+II entrance test examination successfully today at various centers in India as scheduled.

Indeed, there was a hidden excitement all over the day as our CGC Students appeared in the AMU entrance test today. Most the students have chosen the center as Patna where as one of the student got AMU as a center. I took the feedback regarding the trend of exam paper, students and teaching staff told me that Physics question paper was difficult as usual. Other subject like Biology and Chemistry was acceptable but GK was also difficult. I do not know what will be the result of our students as they are the external students. Some of the professors at AMU briefed me that external student has done very well, those who did High school from Delhi Public school, Our lady of fatima and others reputed convent school.

Now time has come to make a dua for our students' success as this will be the success of KBF and its members. I again have a high hope from Allah swt that our students will be selected for X+II.


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