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Friday 10 June 2011

CGC Result-UP Board 10th Class

Dear Friends, assalam o alaikum,

We are delighted to inform that today UP Board result for class 10th has been declared where our students at CGC have performed extra ordinary. In total, 33 students from both Hindi and English medium were appeared in this board exam. Alhamdullilah, all of our CGC, Dildar Nagar students are passed successfully. Result of GCC-10th Board Exam is 100%, Masha’Allah.

It is simply incredible that Mr. Ramanuj Upadhyay from our CGC has scored 77.33% (464/600) marks and topped the CGC from Aadarsh Inter College, Dildar Nagar. Mr. Saddam Rain (447/600), SKBM from Usia has achieved second rank with 74.50% marks and Mr. Serajuddin Ansari (444/600), SKBM from Baraura(Bihar) and Mr. Manish Kumar (444/600) from Usia have achieved 3rd rank with 74% marks. Other top ranker at CGC include Gopal Prasad Chaurasia, Aadarsh School with 73.17% marks from Dildar Nagar, Nadeem Ansari, SKBM with 71.83% marks from Dildar Nagar and Md. Safialam Khan, SKBM with 71% marks from Usia. Out of these 33 students at CGC, 7 students have scored more than 70% marks. Total 16 students are first division, 5 are good second and 12 of them are second division.

We are fully satisfied with the result of first batch for the year 2010-2011 for UP Board Exam. We congratulate all of our students and their parents for this marvelous success. We have witnessed this success only because of our dedicated team efforts of volunteers who is working on the ground and the team which is coordinating from all over the world for day to day activities at CGC, Dildar Nagar. We are thankful to all our members, supporters and well wishers. May Allah SWT give us more courage and ability to perform better in future.

Total Students appeared for Board Exam at CGC: 33 Students

Matrix-10th Board Exam:

First Division: 16 Students

Good Second Division: 5 Students

Second Division: 12 Students

S.No., Student's Name, Village, H.S ROLL NO, Total Marks, Percentage, Division
1.Ramanuj Updhyay,Dehwal, Dildarnagar, 3227547, 464 marks, 77.33% First Div.
2.Saddam Rain, Usia, 3228439, 447 marks, 74.50% First Div.
3.Serajuddin Ansari, Barroora-Bihar, 3228448, 444 marks, 74.00% First Div.
4.MANISH KUMAR RAWAT, USIA, 3227461, 444 marks, 74.00% First Div.
5.Gopal Prasad Chaurasia, Dildarnagar, Bazar, 3227418, 439 marks, 73.17% First Div.
6.Nadeem Ansari Dildarnagar, Bazar, 3227466, 431 marks, 71.83% First Div.
7.Md. Safialam Khan, Usia, 3228440, 426 marks, 71.00% First Div.
8.Jawala Prasad Usia, 3228510, 415 marks, 69.17% First Div.
9.Ajit Kumar Rai, Chutahan, Dildarnagar 3227298, 401 marks, 66.83% First Div.
10. MD TAUSIF KHAN, Gorasara 3302866, 397 marks, 66.17% First Div.
11.SHAQUIB KHAN MIRCHA, 3228364, 396 marks, 66.00% First Div.
12.AJAJ AHMAD Dildarnagar, 3227292, 389 marks, 64.83% First Div.
13.AJAY SINGH YADAV, RAKASAHAN 3228211, 388 marks, 64.67% First Div.
14.Md. Asif Khan, Akhini 3228232, 383 marks, 63.83% First Div.
15.Md. Afzal Khan, Usia 3228289, 376 marks, 62.67% First Div.
16.Md. Gufran Ahmad, Rakasahan 3228252, 373 marks, 62.17% First Div.
17.Faizan Ahmad Ansari, Kurrah 3228250, 359 marks, 59.83% Good Second Div.
18.Md. Nadeem Khan, Zaburna 3228347 358 marks, 59.67% Good Second Div.
19.Md. Asif Khan, Usia 3228306, 347 marks, 57.83%, Good Second Div.
20.Arman Ahmad, Fully 3228227, 331 marks, 55.17%, Good Second Div.
21.Saddam Hussain, Dildar Nagar 3228437, 330 marks, 55.00% Good Second Div.
22.Haider Ali, Rampur Phufuaow 3228257, 328 marks, 54.67% Second Div.
23.Adil Khan, Usia 3228287, 325 marks, 54.17% Second Div.
24.Afzal Khan, Usia 3228291, 327 marks, 54.50 % Second Div.
25.Arsalan Khan Kurrah, 3228302, 325 marks, 54.17% Second Div.
26.Aquib Jawed Ansari, Kurrah 3228215, 324 marks, 54.00% Second Div.
27.WASIM KHAN, USIA 3228504, 324 marks, 54.00% Second Div.
28.Md Sadre Alam, Usia 3228350, 323 marks, 53.83% Second Div.
29.MERAJ RAYEEN Usia, 3228385, 321 marks, 53.50% Second Div.
30.MD ABDULLAH KHAN, Hussainabad Dildar Nagar 3228286, 292 marks, 48.67% Second Div.
31.Annas Khan, Dewaitha, 3228299, 283 marks, 47.17 % Second Div.
32.Shadab Khan, Bahuwara, 3227366, 249 marks, 41.50% Second Div.
33.Md Dayyan Khan Dewaitha 3228314, 220 marks, 36.67% Second Div.

(UP Board result for 10th class can be seen on http://upresults.nic.in/HS2011/HighGetRoll.htm)

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