Sunday 23 January 2011

Students Meeting at CGC on 7th Jan. 2011

Dear Readers,

We would like to share the meeting details with Students at our CGC, Dildar Nagar which was held on 7th January 2011 from 12 PM to 1 PM.

Participants in Meeting:
1. Around 25 Students who were present in class from our CGC
2. Mr. Mohd Shahanshah Ansari (GS, KBF), Jb. Badrul Haq Khan Sb., Gorasara (EC Member)
3. Mr. Tufail Khan (Office In-Charge), Gorasara

Highlights of meeting:

1. Mr. Shahanshah Ansari shared the aims and objects of Forum with Students. He also shared the KBF's future plan for enrolled students under KBF CGC DLN. He also talked about our immediate plan for the students just after their board exam which is to get ready for the entrance exams for prominent institutions like AMU, JMI, BHU and Allahabad University etc. He motivated students to be regular in class and at least target for obtaining more than 80% marks in 10th board exam. He also shared how much your percentage matters when it comes to selection for good companies as most of the MNCs demand for throughout first class for freshers. He further motivated students to aim high for this board exam.

2. Current status on each subjects and its progress were discussed with Students at CGC. Students openly participated and shared their views on the progress of each subjects. Their major concern was on covering all the chapters of subjects which includes subjects like Maths and English as less no. of chapters has been covered so far but course content is more compared to other subjects. We have discussed this issue with teachers and solution for this will be shared in our next mail on Teachers Meet. It was noted during the discussion with students that no home work is getting assigned to students except English. Home work on each subjects is very much required in order to complete the syllabus on time which will also ensure that students are studying at home.

3. It was also noted that only one test has been conducted at our CGC so far where performance of students is not up to the mark. A weekly test is proposed by the teachers and teachers has emphasized to take the test every week in order to evaluate the performance of each students categorically so that a better performance can be ensured in coming board exam which is scheduled for UP Board Exam from 17th March to 4th April.

4. Feedback from students were taken on performance of each faculty members under CGC. Students are satisfied with the current teaching faculty members.

5. Jb. Bardul Haq Sb. interacted with students and asked them many question related to their subjects. We noticed that students are not of that competitive bent of mind and we need to work really hard to ensure their success in coming entrance exams for various prestigious universities in India. He also motivated students to focus on their studies and allot more time for tough subjects. He also gave a brief on current competitive environment in various cities across the country and call upon students to go an extra mile to achieve what they are targeting for. He also asked each students their future dream career wherein most of them told that they want to become IPS, Doctor, IIT, Software Engineer etc. Then he draw their focus as how much efforts will be required to reach to these top posts and what is their current standard. He again motivated them to work hard in order to achieve their goal and fulfill their dream.

6. Students have liked our expert teacher's lectures which is used to get scheduled every Sunday based on need and Student's demand. Students have demanded to organize more such classes in future. Especially for those subjects which we are not arranged on regular basis like Hindi and History etc.

It was first time when people from managing committee heard the students. It was really a good experience interacting with our students and listening to their concern which will lead us to improve the teaching quality at our CGC. We believe this was very fruitful meeting and all necessary majors will be taken to ensure the success of each students registered under our CGC.


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