Sunday 20 June 2021

KBF Governing Council Meeting - 19JUNE2021

Alhamdullilah, this Saturday, June 19th, KBF's Governing Council Members met after a long time. GC Members from 5 different countries participated in this meeting. Below 9 Members participated in this meeting. 

1] Mr. Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari - USA (Currently in India) (Usia) 
2] Dr. Ehtsham Khan - Saudi Arabia (Usia) 
3] Mr. Afroz Khan - Dubai (Rakasahan) 
4] Mr. Parvez Khan - Saudi Arabia (Kurrah) 
5] Mr. Nasim Khan - Saudi Arabia (Kurrah) 
6] Mr. Akhlaq Khan - Doha (Khajuri) 
7] Mr. Badrul Haq Khan - Punjab (Gorasara) 
8] Mr. Sharfuddin Khan - Delhi (Bara) 
9] Mr. Mahmood Alam - Kolkata (Rakasahan) 

Number of burning topics were discussed in this 2 hours conference call through Zoom. KBF will be coming up with a new project very soon, insha allah. It was a great meeting and masha allah everybody was excited to start again.



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