Thursday 10 June 2010

About Us – Kamsar-O-Bar Forum

The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.
- Erasmus
KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM is a nationwide, non-profit organization, based in Dildar Nagar, Distt. Ghazipur, formed on 4th May 2010 by a group of elite, like-minded and socially conscious professionals and academicians from all parts of the world.

Our mission is to promote and catalyses mainstream global education and increasing career opportunities among underprivileged but brilliant students in a sustained manner, in order to facilitate them to emerge as conscientious and responsible citizens, dynamically involved in the process of nation development.

We believe that education is the key ingredient in making of a citizen. Education alone can give a man the ability to think, to differentiate between right and wrong, to make a living and above all live a respectful and dignified life for himself and for those around him.

We at Kamsar-O-Bar Forum continuously struggle with the help of our committed volunteers and understanding donators to reach those corners of the nation, where apparently, education has not. All our efforts are directed towards helping the under privileged children transform their lives into an empowered and productive one.

KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM's PRIMARY focus areas include Education & Professional Empowerment for all Kamsari followed by our focus on economic awareness and social responsibilities.

We believe that the only solution that can be offered to any community for their social, economical and educational growth is an equal opportunity to access a high quality education and proper and helpful career counseling. We are of the opinion that any community will be able to preserve their original tradition and culture only by obtaining modern education with the ethics of moral and character.

In this context, we also believe in unity and communication from all our brothers, who are living in different corners of the world. We are consistently multiplying our efforts to get connected with all kamsari brothers and utilize their expertise in order to shape up our people and area in a process of time.

KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM's Team: A single thought, a single mission and a single dream has brought together people hailing from totally different and diverse background, enriched with good experience and capability to work inexhaustibly, under one roof, to execute KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM’s projects in favor and behalf of the underprivileged mass. Most of its members are professionals, highly educated and experts in their concerned fields and settled in different parts of the world, but KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM is also proud of its composition of student volunteers working for it as dedicated members. KAMSAR-0-BAR FORUM has a policy of acknowledging the contribution of every member, who volunteers to serve the cause of the organization, and subsequently, humanity.


Anonymous said...

one of the major characteristics of kamsar is madarsas......what is yor forum's view on the pattern of imparting madarsa education...dont u think it should be changed and rationalised...second thind in yiyr blog it is mentioned...".....that any community will be able to preserve their original tradition and culture only by obtaining modern education with the ethics of moral and character.".....but the tradition and customs are being abolished from kamsar aeea...

Anonymous said...

Hii frnd we r tlkng abt chnge in our society...abt eductn systm...we hve 2 chng the eductn systm...u all 9w tht in kamsar studnts dnt nw any thng bt they hve a degree...techr are curptd they take money to hlp studnt fr cheat "nobdy cn chng our society but education can" so dear, pls chng the education systm "thought vary from prsn to prsn" thz is my thought dnt knw iz 1 requst tht i wnt to meet the head of the departmnt of kbf....

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